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Yayasan Generasi Bantu Indonesia

We are the Student Council of the Ichthus School. The current condition is a difficult due to the Covid19 pandemic. But we feel grateful that we can still enjoy many good things, while many children outside are in a much less fortunate condition than us. Therefore, we, together with Yayasan Generasi Bantu Indonesia, and the teachers at school, were moved to do social activity to those in need. By doing fundraising we want to spread message that even in such difficult times we can still do good to those around us.

The social institution Bina Grahita Belaian Kasih is an orphanage for children who are homeless. They were once out living in the streets alone and do not have parents or guardians to support them. So this orphanage took them in, to give care to them. This orphanage is not like any usual orphanage. This is because they accept children with disabilities (mentally disabled). People with mental disabilities usually have an IQ (Intelligence Quotient) below the average of normal children, causing impaired intellectual and intellectual function. Additionally, some of them are also accompanied by physical limitations (physical disabilities). There around 285 children that they stay in the social institution Bina Grahita Belaian Kasih. Nowadays, during pandemic, it has become more challenging for them. They need our support, so let us lend our hand and share kindness to them.

They need as much care and funding as they can get. They are in need of daily necessities such as food, diapers and toiletries. By donating and raising a fund for them we will help them a great deal. These are daily needs that they need, so it is a must that we lend a hand and help them. Since nowadays is in pandemic we can鈥檛 directly come to them, but we can still share kindness to them. By donating a small amounts of fund, we already contribute in helping them. Our goal is to provide around 100 package of daily necessities. Each package will cost Rp. 110.000,-.

We believe that we need to help these children, because they are in need and they have disabilities. They do not have parents to take care of them and have been left alone. They don鈥檛 know where their family are and they rely on this orphanage to fund for their education and daily life. There are a total of 285 children at this moment who are calling out for your help. So, helping them at this moment might change 285 different people鈥檚 lives. Just by clicking at this campaign and donating you have become a hero for these children.

Support us, click the SHARE button and spread our cause. Don't forget to DONATE NOW and together we will reach the target and be a givers achievers.

News Update

Today, 06 April, 2021 at 09.00 AM, Ichtus School already give the donation package to Bina Grahita Belaian Kasih Orphanage. Thank you for all your kind donation and support.

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