Support the Welfare of Orphans and Unprivileged Children
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Christmas Virtual Concert Fundraising Program for orphans and neglected children in Bali. Every donation distributed must be verified by / Setiap penyaluran harus melampirkan bukti penggunaan yang diverifikasi

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The Yayasan Bukit Kehidupan (Foundation) or better known as the Bali Life Foundation, was originally founded by Siska and Brad in 2006. They decided to build a home for orphans and neglected children to provide the life that children deserve.

Currently there are 48 orphans and abandoned children that we are caring for, we provide food, shelter, health care, education and security to the children in our children's homes. Our goal is for them to dream, grow with love, and make an impact on others.

This year we do fund raising through the "CHRISTMAS VIRTUAL CONCERT" event where all the children will present various extraordinary performances, and later all of the proceeds from this fundraising will be used to assist operations and support the welfare of the 48 orphans and neglected children who are cared for by us .

For those who want to support orphans and abandoned children in Bali, with the Bali Life Foundation:

  1. Click "DONATE NOW"
  2. Enter the donation amount
  3. Fill in your name, phone number/email. You can tick "Hide My Name" to donate anonymously
  4. Select your desired donation method ( e-Wallet / GO-PAY / SHOPEEPAY / DANA / OVO / BRI / BCA / Mandiri / Credit Card)
  5. Make sure your Credit Card has 3D Secure Enabled (triggered by OTP)
  6. Key in your prayers and hopes (optional)
  7. Donation receipts are sent via email (if you enter a valid email address) or appear on the receipt according to the donation method
  8. You can check whether the donation has been entered in the Donation History section
  9. Follow Instagram and Bali Life Foundation for news and updates
  10. Watch the CHRISTMAS VIRTUAL CONCERT performance by the children from the Bali Life Foundation, on the date and time that will be informed again on YOUTUBE & FACEBOOK LIVE Bali Life Foundation
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